Supplier Development Initiatives

Reimagining enterprise and supplier development in South Africa

Supplier Development Initiatives (SDI) is a South African-based initiative that enables micro-suppliers to do business with large corporates on a win-win basis.

Our solution is facilitated by platformslike Uber, Bolt and SweepSouth – that give small businesses critical mass and credibility.

SDI helps big business to think small and small business to think big – this is vital to building the South African economy.

SDI has presented its innovative approach to a Fortune 500 conference in China and major business forums in Uganda. We have recently been asked to consult to Panama City on a project involving major stakeholders.

SDI is focused on developing South African enterprises at grassroots levels
SDI assists corporates to procure B-BBEE services through enabler platforms
SDI's projects have improved the lives of thousands of South Africans

Our projects

SDI has been instrumental in improving the lives of hundreds of South African micro-businesses.

Our approach

SDI helps your company to make the most of its enterprise and supplier development funding - where it matters most.

Boosting small businesses

SDI helps to develop small businesses by giving them access to markets and enabling them to provide products and services to big business.

Access to capital

SDI facilitates access to capital and skills development for micro-enterprises to ensure they can fulfil their commitments at a high standard.

Excellence and credibility

SDI provides an ongoing vetting and assessment programme to maintain standards of excellence and credibility.

Powerful marketing

SDI provides access to powerful marketing opportunities to promote the platforms through our Media Alliance partners who provide up to three times value-added exposure.

Branding and PR opportunities

At least 10% of all corporate investment is ploughed into advertising campaigns to provide small businesses with critical exposure while corporates get branding potential and PR opportunities - and earn enterprise and supplier development (ESD) points (as the sponsors of the micro-businesses' advertising campaigns).

ESD and B-BBEE points

SDI aligns to industry and national priorities through best practice enterprise and supplier development (ESD), whilst providing much-needed BEE points.


We assist corporates to procure services from micro-suppliers via successful digital platforms – or what we call our enablers.

How we work

Connecting large corporates with micro-entrepreneurs


Gathering data

Our dedicated team is deeply entrenched with communities of micro-entrepreneurs across South Africa. Through our strong relationship with these communities, we establish their exact needs to grow their business.


Planning and connecting

Working closely with firms’ enterprise and supplier development teams, we tailor bespoke solutions to ensure both the recipients of enterprise and supplier development funding and the funders receive maximum benefit.



SDI’s team manages the project from start to finish, with ongoing evaluation and monitoring to ensure accountability and to apply lessons learnt. We also engage with media to gain maximum impact for the funder.



Through SDI’s strategic investment in micro-businesses in South Africa, we create a win-win scenario as large corporates benefit from more meaningful transformation, while the lives of communities at grassroots level improve.