Building the South African community

SDI manages a number of projects that make a difference in communities. Some examples of these projects can be seen below:
SDI/Apex Green Flag Initiative

SDI Green Flag Initiative

The SDI Green Flag Initiative is a programme spearheaded by Apex Environmental. The Green Flag Initiative which tests air quality in restaurants, offices and other enclosed spaces.

SDI wastepreneurs

SDI WastePreneurs

WastePreneurs is an initiative aimed at uplifting the informal waste collectors that operate throughout Johannesburg, while simultaneously providing a professional collection service for you the resident. The initiative will also ensure your waste does not end in landfills destroying the environment.

SDI Force

SDI Force is SDI’s corporate social responsibility arm. SDI’s focus is on the upliftment and empowerment of South Africa’s people at the grassroots level. SDI Force is a non-profit extension of our overall philosophy.

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