Supplier Development Initiatives

Reimagining micro business development in South Africa

SDI harnesses the power of Service On Demand Tech Platforms (“Platforms”) – like UBER –  to give Micro Businesses  access to market through aggregation and promotion.

SDI works closely with  these Platforms to facilitate the following:

  • Access to funding for the Micro Business’s to acquire their own equipment
  • Access to  mainstream economy – Source Corporate partners to sign onto and use the platforms, giving Micro Business the opportunity of access to the formal business sector
  • Offers a HELP-LINK service for basic advice as well as on the job training to improve service provision. (Quality Compliance)
  • Promote  the Platforms through collaborative media partners (Media Alliance)
SDI Trust is focused on developing South African enterprises at grassroots levels
Enablers provide micro businesses access to market through aggregation
SDI Trust's projects have improved the lives of thousands of South Africans
SDI Bridging the Divide

Our projects

SDI Trust has been instrumental in improving the lives of hundreds of South African micro-businesses.

Our approach

SDI Trust helps your company to make the most of its compliance budget such as B-BBEE, CSI and ESG - where it matters most.

Boosting small businesses

SDI Trust helps to develop small businesses by giving them access to markets and enabling them to provide products and services to big business.

Access to capital

SDI Trust facilitates access to capital and skills development for micro-enterprises to ensure they can fulfil their commitments at a high standard.

Excellence and credibility

SDI Trust provides an ongoing vetting and assessment programme to maintain standards of excellence and credibility.

Powerful marketing

SDI Trust provides access to powerful marketing opportunities to promote the platforms through our Media Alliance partners who provide up to three times value-added exposure.

Purpose-led branding and PR opportunities

At least 10% of all corporate investment is allocated to advertising exposure through our Media Alliance partners. This ensures that the micro businesses is provided with critical broadcast exposure that they would otherwise not have access to. Added to this the sponsoring corporate can simultaneously earn enterprise and development points while enjoying valuable purpose-led PR opportunities

Our approach to ESG

SDI supports a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and improve the lives and prospects of all on a commercially viable basis – aligned to corporate requirements to the Sustainable Development Goals. Our solutions offer commercial value to corporates over and above compliance on ESG and B-BBEE. EY has recently onboarded the SDI Initiative to its international Ripples programme.

ESD and B-BBEE points

SDI Trust aligns to industry and national priorities through best practice enterprise and supplier development (ESD), whilst providing much-needed BEE points.


We assist corporates to procure services from micro-suppliers via successful digital platforms – or what we call our enablers.

How we work

Connecting large corporates with micro-entrepreneurs


Gathering data

Our dedicated team is deeply entrenched with communities of micro businesses across South Africa. Through our strong relationship with these communities, we establish their exact needs to grow their business.


Planning and connecting

Working closely with companies’ procurement teams, we tailor bespoke solutions to ensure both the recipient of the funds and the funder receive maximum benefit.



SDI Trust’s team manages the project from start to finish, with ongoing evaluation and monitoring to ensure accountability and to apply lessons learnt. We also engage with media to gain maximum impact for the funder.



Through SDI Trust’s strategic investment in micro-businesses in South Africa, we create a win-win scenario as large corporates benefit from more meaningful transformation, while the lives of communities at grassroots level improve.